Praising God

Praising God

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We have been called by God, from all walks of life to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ in and out of the pulpit. We are apart of God's paradigm shift. A shift that is taking Ministry to a new level because the voices of Women are no longer silent.
We are SistersNMinistry.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Where are all the Women Preachers

The initial purpose of this blog was for Sisters in the Black Baptist Denomination due to limited resource and fellowship access with other Sisters in ministry. However, as I began discussing the concerns of SistersNMinistry I heard several Sisters say, "we need this type of fellowship and more". Therefore, this blog is a sounding board for us to express our concerns and testimonies in ministry, mentoring, providing support, encouragement and most of all just letting us be real with each other on this journey.

This fellowship is not limited to this blog. Also, I want to create a fellowship where we can meet as a group to discuss topics such as: How to create a ministry resume, What does it mean to be a Worship Leader, Where can I use my spiritual gifts in ministry, Is the pulpit for me, How can I balance Ministry, Work and Family, and etc...This is ourplace, a place where we can share notes and tips concerning our roles as pastors, teachers, chaplains, executive ministers, associate ministers and more.
I have traveled across this country and preached in so many pulpits. I connected with my sister preachers and once I return back home the e-mail would keep coming for a little while and next thing you know they are gone.

Please provide some feedback so we can make this blog a source of information. When you post your comments, give a shout out to your City and State. We want to world to know that we are proud Female Clergy of Color!

Charlotte, NC

Looking forward to hearing from you!!!

1 comment:

Angie Ward said...

I have been listening and I don't like what I hear. Where are all the women preachers at. Are we Ambassadors? Are we hidden for protection? Lets step out of the 50's and get some things done!